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In this section you will find all the tools developed by Sineglossa, which we have made accessible in a spirit of research opened to comparison and hybridisation.

Methodologies are reflections of a theoretical framework, which can serve to deepen and inspire.

Toolkits are practical tools developed during our projects that can be applied independently for creative, educational and team-building activities.

Nonturismo for kids

Machines for good Policy Recommendations

A list of recommendations addressed to policy makers on Artificial Intelligence for civic engagement

Post Human Architect Toolkit

A practical handbook for training ecosystem thinking in culture-based regeneration of decentralized areas

Exercises for soft skills of STEM female students

Handbook for soft skills of cultural entrepreneurs

A list of practical exercises thought for increasing and testing soft skills in cultural and creative businesses.

WeSTEAM Skills framework

The methodology based on the STEAM approach (STEM+Art) to enhance the role of women in sciences and the attractiveness of science courses for female students.

AI4Future – Governance Scenarios

A study on how to create an ecosystem partnership in which art, artificial intelligence, and activism work together for the empowerment of local communities

Be Your Hero

The methodology designed by Sineglossa to train soft skills in adolescents

Creative Soft Skills Circle

An original and analogical assessment and self-assessment tool for creative skills

STEAM Process Handbook

A practical handbook for the implementation of STEAM practices

Resonant – Report on cultural entrepreneurship

An overview of the state of the art of the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) in four European countries-Denmark, Greece, Italy and Slovenia

Creative Soft Skills Framework

A study of creative skills that investigates the criteria for interpreting and classifying creative thinking and the connection between creativity, innovation and the world of work.

Synopsis – Digital fundraiser & storyteller skills framework

A theoretical introduction to the professional figure of the digital fundraiser and storyteller, starting with the strategic importance of fundraising and storytelling for the sustainability of cultural organizations.

STEAM: introducing the (A) in STEM processes

A theoretical introduction to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) with a focus on the criteria for interpreting and classifying artistic soft skills.
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