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Sineglossa is a cultural organization that fosters new sustainable development models in response to global challenges by applying the processes of contemporary art.

Our approach is inspired by the idea of a "New Renaissance"

through contamination between humanities and science, we seek beautiful, sustainable and inclusive solutions. That is why we work within hybrid ecosystems involving artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and humanists – but also universities, public administrations and local communities.

We believe in the essential social role of culture and are committed to promoting culture-based innovation.

We want to experiment and share new tools for interpreting and transforming the present, capable of confronting its complexity. To redefine the values that guide our choices and imagine, together, other possible and more humane futures.

Sineglossa develops projects in a constitutionally and ambitiously European dimension.

We are official partner of the New European Bauhaus, an environmental, economic and cultural project launched by the European Commission in January 2021, which aims to combine design, sustainability, accessibility and investment to realize the European Green Deal.


Artists, scientists, businesses – but also universities, public administrations and local communities: we build hybrid ecosystems with heterogeneous actors to facilitate the contamination of knowledge



In order to raise awareness and spread international best practices, from 2017 to 2022 we implemented art+b=love(?), the first Italian festival dedicated to the innovative power of art.

In 2024, the project turned into Mangrovia: an editorial project on other stories of culture, technology and society


Sineglossa was founded by two artists with a political intent: to ensure that art is not regarded as entertainment, but as a transformation of the existing for a more humane future.
Today it is a reality of sociologists, filosophers, creatives, designers, project managers, who collaborate daily from different parts of Italy to implement cross-fertilization practices.


Sineglossa is a non-profit association, since 2022 recognized Third Sector Entity (ETS). It pursues civic, solidarity, educational, and socially useful purposes through the exercise of the activities of general interest outlined in its bylaws. To make clear and transparent the way public contributions managed to carry out activities are used, Sineglossa makes available annual statements.

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