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Starting projects, upcoming events, open calls for artistic residencies and free training opportunities. But also research for Erasmus+ projects and spaces, both physical and digital, to contribute to the development of our methodologies.

New Projects
LAUNCH_open call art artificial intelligence european digital deal
Frontignano Art Walks podcast
Frontignano Art Walks, foto dall'opening Abitare le terre alte, ottobre 2022, Ph Mauro Pennacchietti
Photo from workshops AI for Green Learning, Ancona, march 20223, Ph
Photos from Bluetour focus group led by Sineglossa in Ancona, may 2023, Ph
FOOD DATA DIGESTION per CANTIERI 2022, Masterclass Body Arts and AI, Torino, Ph
Photo of Citizen Lab of Ars Electronica Center. Linz
Spettacolo teatrale in montagna
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