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Intervention designed and led by Sineglossa that applies artistic research to corporate culture, engaging employees in a team game that reinforces internal communication and a sense of belonging to the company


Concept and conduction

Education and training

2030 GOALS

The purpose of the game is to identify artworks that represent corporate values. Love, war, memory – these are universal concepts that artists filter through their vision and return to us in the form of a unique and original work.

The game is held as a workshop led by an artist and a corporate trainer. From the suggestions derived, the artist creates for the company involved a specific work inspired by its corporate values.

Ecce Impresa is an exclusive intervention: the artistic context and the artist are adapted to the vision and needs of the company.

Luciana Mosconi is the Marche region’s 1st pasta factory in Italy in the dry egg pasta sector and 2nd overall brand in the market. Luciana Mosconi’s corporate culture is represented by three values that identify the qualities of both the pasta and the company itself: Rough, Tough, Marchigiana.

It was inspired by these three words that Sineglossa shaped the intervention and selected the artist who could best interpret them: Annaclara Di Biase, a visual artist from the Marche region of Italy.

The company welcomed the Ecce Luciana team to its headquarters, taking them through the stages of the production process that leads from the raw material to the final pasta package.

Luciana Mosconi employees, contractors and collaborators were then involved in a workshop hosted by a prestigious exhibition setting: the contemporary sculpture exhibition Ecce Homo, at La Mole in Ancona. Divided into teams and guided by the artist and a corporate trainer, they identified the sculptures that best represented the words rough, tough, and Marche.

Starting from the visual stimuli drawn from the visit to the company and from the words of the participants in the workshop, Annaclara Di Biase created six installations whose raw material is the company’s own product: pasta.

The works were installed within the Ecce Homo exhibition, in dialogue with the sculptures on display, and presented to the public at a vernissage hosted by the festival
, thus telling the story of the company to stakeholders and citizens alike.

The impact of ECCE LUCIANA as told by the company’s CEO:

Expectations were not met. We went beyond expectations“. With these words Marcello Pennazzi, CEO of Luciana Mosconi, comments on the intervention Ecce Luciana.

An encounter between Art and Enterprise that thus produced the desired results: which ones?

  • Teambuilding: “It is never trivial to carry out a project that makes everyone happy to participate, and at the same time it rarely happens to team up through initiatives that are not strictly work-related.”
  • Corporate culture: “My employees experienced the product differently because they were stimulated to breathe it in a different way than they experience it on a daily basis.”
  • Communication: “Communicating a mass market product is a complex operation, and finding a channel that differentiates you in a meaningful way is a major plus. What convinced me to do this project was that it was an initiative for my city.”
  • Art&Enterprise: “If we had met a more stingy artist, the project would not have succeeded. Annaclara lived and metabolized our product, giving a personal reading of a real story and narrative. I wanted to be amazed and I was amazed.”

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ECCE IMPRESA is a format designed and curated by Sineglossa.