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Post-Human Architect develops, tests, and disseminates an innovative methodology that professional training organizations and trainers in inland areas can use to educate students about sustainability and social innovation

2022 – 2024

Methodology development

Education and training
Regeneration of places

2030 GOALS

Inland areas face peculiar problems and challenges, such as the emigration of young people due to lack of opportunities, depopulation, aging, and lack of infrastructure and services. Covid-19 emphasized these problems, but also highlighted the potential of education and training to turn these difficulties into new opportunities.

  • Design and disseminate a framework of competencies associated with the posthuman architecture figure that will be used by educators to assess their own skills or the skills of their students
  • Design, test, and disseminate a training methodology that VET formators can use in their activities with students from inland areas
  • Design, test and disseminate an educational game to practice Post-Human Architect skills in an informal, interactive and engaging way.
  • Create a certification system, in line with national and European qualification frameworks, for the recognition and certification of Post-Human Architect skills

Download the Post Human Architect competencies framework.

Download the Post Human Architect training toolkit.

Download the Post Human Architect educational games  – Cards Against The Apocalypse and Holistica

Test your Post-Human Architect knowledge and download the certification system for the Europass CV.

POST HUMAN ARCHITECT is a project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program.

Changemaker Educations AB (Sweden)
Izobraževalni center Geoss (Slovenia)
Farm Cultural Park (Italy)
Sineglossa (Italy)

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