Inhabiting the Highlands today. Poetry, self-construction and public art for the opening of FRONTIGNANO ART WALKS

October 1, 2022
Aerocene Sibillini Ritual a Frontignano di Ussita. Foto di Moira Spitoni per C.A.S.A.

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October 15, 2022

Frontignano di Ussita (MC)

FRONTIGNANO ART WALKS, the artistic-cultural itinerary that we are curating in the Sibillini Mountains National Park – specifically at Frontignano, the highest hamlet in the municipality of Ussita (MC), the epicenter of the 2016 and 2017 earthquakes -, finally opens on Oct. 15 with a day of dedicated to sharing thoughts and experiences on Inhabiting the Highlands.

The itinerary of Frontignano Art Walks winds among the symbolic places of the territory through four artistic-architectural installations including two fixed and two mobile ones that will be built and enjoyed during the project presentation event. The two stationary works were designed and created during the workshops and laboratories being held in Frontignano from April 2022 and will run until October 2022. A building site of thought and participatory planning that gave birth to Acqua Friddula Fontanile ,  works that aim to amplify the experience of union with nature, enrich it with new relationships and new balances in a perspective of interspeciesism and cohabitation.

To participate in the event read the program below or on Facebook and come freely to Frontignano. Contact for more information or stop by for dinner.

Event’s schedule


A short walk will start from the Church of Madonna del Pian della Croce, known as Madonnella, to a forgotten fountain, the subject of one of the FRONTIGNANO ART WALKS. The fountain will become an observation point for the first flight through the Sibillini Mountains of Aerocene, the aerosolar sculpture that will appear in the landscape piloted by artist Lorenzo Malloni. Aerocene is an interdisciplinary art community developing ecological sensitivity projects for a new ethical collaboration with the atmosphere and environment in an era without fossil fuels. On the launch day of FRONTIGNANO ART WALKS, the sculpture will hover in the sky heated by direct solar radiation and by the resulting temperature differential between the air outside and inside. Art as another tool to bring attention to change and through a work that, through flight, propagates the vision of reconnecting to the natural currents and rhythms of the planet.

The flight will be accompanied by the voice of Renata Morresi, author, poet and translator, and from her Third Landscape, a collection of writings on that third landscape composed of all those places abandoned by man, including our earthquake-stricken lands, often the subject of tone trivialization in the media system. The writings were revisited on the occasion of IT.A.CÀ Monti Sibillini and after a period of residency in the spaces of C.A.S.A., in collaboration with the poetry festival La punta della Lingua.
This was followed by an informal chat between the audience and the creators, architects and institutions supporting the Frontignano Art Walks project. Speakers will include Sineglossa, C.A.S.A., BAM! Cultural Strategies, Horizontal, Municipality of Ussita, Sibillini Mountains National Park.
Free admission.

The earthquake, the shock, the rejection, the anger, the bitterness, the letting go, the letting go, the detachment, the surrender, the looking back, the drawing of the twin mountains, a new drawing with the mountains, a new being in the middle, in the middle with the outline of the mountains, with the shape of the leaves, some trees, their way of continuing-I will start from here, from this being friction and being part, to process a place, a mourning, a greeting to the beginning. It will be a reading of things written down, a listening of things imagined, with things looked at to look at.


From the fountain, a walk towards the C.A.S.A. association spaces for a sharing lunch: everyone brings something for themselves and for others! Hosting the convivial moment will be tables and chairs designed by the Orizzontale collective for the Frontignano Artwalks project, constructed in the days before together with the participants (workshop October 11/12) and in collaboration with Lorenzo Bartolucci: a structure composed of simple elements that, when assembled, form a continuous system. This reflects the community system that is being rebuilt in these places: the different singularities gather around a collective place, in a context in the making that invites cohabitation.

THE LAWN THAT WELCOMES STORIES, edited by Orizzontale | h. 14.30

A preparatory set-up that will host a performance “Stories from the Highlands,” curated by Effetto Larsen, to follow. A pile of cut logs, material in waiting and a mimetic presence in the surrounding context, is set in motion by the participants, through discrete and collaborative action guided by the horizontal collective, until they chorally form an organic and provisional audience. The backdrop behind these actions is the landscape of the Sibillini Mountains, with the Bove-Vettore fault line: the forces-anthropic and geological-that shake these lands are in constant motion, searching for a possible new dialogue.

STORIES FROM THE HIGH EARTH, with Effetto Larsen | h. 17.00

Through the stories and experiences of the inhabitants of Frontignano, the concept of inhabiting the Highlands will be shaped. By sharing stories and interacting with the thoughts of event participants, through speech and dislocation in the performance space, people will shape the performance that will then be imprinted in the photo shoot. The absence and presence of bodies will be a sign of the memory of the event. We will also ask visitors to imagine a concrete thought about inhabiting the Highlands: how would your life change if you tried to live here or if you spent more time here?

Preview: a construction workshop with Orizzontale

October 11 – 12, 2022

C.A.S.A., Frontignano di Ussita (MC)

A small construction workshop by horizontal will preview the Oct. 15 event. The activity consists of making tables and chairs as part of a mobile and flexible system to meet the different needs of the community and associations in the area. Small items that can be easily transported and used in different configurations, from daily activities to moments of meeting, training, exchange and conviviality.

A graphic inspired by the Terre Alte, designed by Lorenzo Bartolucci (Testa di Legno) in collaboration with workshop participants, will characterize the surfaces of seats and tables, completing the construction and facilitating the recognizability and modularity of the elements made.