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Nontourism in Ancona, three community editorial boards from April to June

Regeneration of places
March 6, 2023
laboratorio di coprogettazione ancona

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The spirit of Ancona: amphibious city

Is it still possible to tell a story about a city, to take care of its thousand stories, to evoke its spirits with new words, without turning it into a product, one to be sold like a merry-go-round?
On Saturday, February 11, 2023, a new run of NONTURISMO, the project curated by Sineglossa to produce a tourist guide written by the community, started in Ancona. This guidebook describes the territory by collecting the voice and visions of those who live in it, and people who study or work there.
Together with writer Wu Ming 2 and 100 people joining the event “What if Ancona was a living being?” a multifaceted narrative was born, in which the themes of environment, urban planning, culture, and work met and generated the image of “Ancona amphibious city.”

t is a hypothetical collective narration, a way to care for places firstly by listening to what they have to say, gently, respecting penumbras, conflicts, and secrets. So writing a non-tourist guidebook together is an opportunity to discover the faces of a city, to grasp its meaning. To question the identity of an area and get it moving again so that it doesn't get lost, or, worse, grow old under glass.

The community process

Starting with the theme “Ancona amphibious city”, from April to June 2023 there will be 3 workshop courses, open to 45 people who live in the city of Ancona, dedicated to exploring and narrating three characteristics of the amphibiopolis.

These courses engaging the local community in the NONTURISM project are called “community editorial boards” and include:

  • 3 meetings of three hours each, facilitated by Tommaso Sorichetti, Annalisa Trasatti, Simona Rossi
  • 1 day-long collective writing workshop with Wu Ming 2
  • 15 attendees
  • the creation of 1 non-touristic route, including maps and highlights, set in Ancona

Editorial boards: What you do in the meetings

Collection of places
After an early creative investigation of the declination "Ancona amphibious city," participants collectively choose iconic places for the itinerary theme and share stories related to them
Comparison and discussion
In the second meeting, the process of researching and gathering information about the places and stories continues, aiming to identify the patterns and reasons that make them a symbol of Ancona amphibious city
First draft
In the third meeting, we finalize the route and begin the first draft of the texts, in order to edit by Wu Ming 2 and the publisher
Collective writing workshop
A day-long collective writing session with Wu Ming 2 to produce the introduction texts of the itinerary

Between meetings, people may be asked to do some “homework” including, for example, collecting stories on their own, verifying information, and recovering sources by accessing a shared digital space (Google Drive).

Editorial boards: themes and dates

Sunrise and sunset on the same sea represent the continuity between yesterday and tomorrow, between past and future. The sun rises from the depths, brings to the surface submerged wrecks, forgotten legends, and at the same time illuminates the new day, with its surprises and landings previously unseen. It rises high in the sky and immediately falls again, loses intensity, dives to the horizon, and is already old. “Ancient to the future” is the title of an ’87 record by the Art Ensemble of Chicago. In drawing Ancona as a living being, many people have emphasized its long history, the little-known episodes, and the scars of time. Others highlighted the unexpressed potential, the futures abandoned and those realized, the uncertain future that is difficult to glimpse.
Are there any ancient places for the future in the city of two suns? Places in which what happened is wedded to what could happen, or what is already happening? Like a centuries-old tree, harboring and feeding insect larvae, and rodent communities, an ideal habitat for life to come?

(Wu Ming 2, for the “Two Suns” community editorial board of Ancona’s Nonturismo guide)

The community editorial meetings will be held on:

  • Monday, April 3 | h. 18:30 – 21:30 | Fogola Fàgola (Corso Mazzini, 170)
  • Tuesday, April 18 | h. 18:30 – 21:30 | Fogola Fàgola (Corso Mazzini, 170)
  • Tuesday, May 16 | h. 18:30 – 21:30 | Creative Ground of Sineglossa (Marconi Street, 41)
  • Saturday, May 27 | h. 9 – 18 | Creative Ground of Sineglossa (Marconi Street, 41)

PLEASE NOTE: You can subscribe to more than one editorial board.

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