A dance and data performance in Bassano schools: the GREEN LEARNING project debuts at OperaEstate

September 20, 2022
Foto dalla residenza presso Hangartfest Teatro Maddalenadi Scarto, la performance di Masako Mitsushita per GREEN LEARNING. Presso

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September 22 – 23

OperaSummer 2022
 at Liceo Brocchi and IIS Scotton in Bassano and Breganze

Can a dance performance help students empathize with complex issues such as environmental sustainability and artificial intelligence? This is the challenge set by the GREEN LEARNING project, which through an interregional partnerhsip promotes interactive environmental education capable of encouraging concrete changes and responsible behavior.

From three themes-body, environment, and machine- an artificial intelligence based on sustainable best practices is developed and “humanized” through a dance performance by multidisciplinary artist Masako Matsushita.

The national premiere of the performance will be open only to male and female students of Liceo Brocchi and IIS Scotton and will take place Sept. 22 – 23, as part of the OperaEstate 2022 festival.

waste are the two key words starting point of the artist’s research, whom we asked to share with us some reflections that populate his investigation:

What is waste and how many meanings does it have? How many things could we make and recreate from what we discard? What is the relationship between gap and margin? Have you ever discarded a card? Have you ever discarded something or someone? What is your favorite candy that you most like to unwrap?
I will tell you that I, too, am part of the discard, that my body generates discard and has corners of skin that never paying attention are discarded from my consideration.
Body-Machine-Nature are words that converse and at the same time coexist on the same planet, surviving. I wonder how they can help each other before they destroy or self-implode? What happens when a body relates to AI? How does AI relate to nature? How can nature become the main character of the future? And in all this, what are we doing?

The students, spectators, users and activators of entertainment, are among the most important sources of energy that can preserve life and bring about change. Who knows, maybe we will all end up dancing together or telling stories to each other as well as interacting with the AI and experiencing a danced moment.”

The project Green Learning will continue in the coming months with more replications of Masako Matsushita’s performance in project partner schools in Ancona and a second phase of activities dedicated to youth empowerment through the use of new digital tools, including Artificial Intelligence.

GREEN LEARNING is a project curated by Sineglossa, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa, Italia che Cambia Aps, Marche Polytechnic University, the Liceo Ginnasio Statale G. B. Brocchi, l’IIS A. Scotton, l’IIS L. Cambi – D. Serrani, l’IIS “Savoia Benincasa”, carried out with the support of Cariverona Foundation.

The performance is the brainchild of Masako Matsushita in collaboration with Matteo Maffesanti, choreography and dance by Masako Matsushita, technical and scientific consulting by Andrea Zaninello, creative Technologist and research scientist in NLP and AI, and Adriano Mancini, Associate Professor at Marche Polytechnic University, production of OperaEstate and Sineglossa, a co-production of Nanou Cultural Association.