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Innovative educational workshops to teach Artificial Intelligence and raise awareness of climate change through performing arts and new technologies

2021 – 2023

Methodology conception and development

Education and training
Art and technology

2030 GOALS

GREEN LEARNING aims to bring students and teachers closer to Artificial Intelligence through innovative educational workshops, which make use of new technologies and performing arts, to stimulate new awareness to climate change.

The artist Masako Matsushita, in dialogue with Creative Technologist Andrea Zaninello and Adriano Mancini, researcher at the Università Politecnica delle Marche, activated a collaborative workshop between creative thinking applied to movement and experimentation on Artificial Intelligence.

The result is an Artificial Intelligence model capable of interacting with artistic dance practice by reprocessing data provided to the machine from a database of about 100 video interviews conducted by Italia che cambia, over ten years of meetings across the country with those who wanted to share their stories of change.
The performance, which will be presented in schools in Bassano del Grappa and Ancona, will be an opportunity to structure a dance theater workshop with students to further increase the data processed by the AI.

The project combines performance practice with the experimentation of a pilot teaching activity, which responds to the need to include new technologies in educational experiences. In particular, the project uses artificial intelligence to make learning a more interesting and engaging experience.

Two workshops, addressed to students from the project’s partner schools in Ancona and Bassano del Grappa, will focus on environmental sustainability and the possibility of narrating new positive experiences. The challenge will be to transform the sometimes catastrophic view of climate change into a key that enables young people to perceive themselves as active participants in a change that is already taking place.

The end result will be the development of a chatbot, in collaboration with Marche Polytechnic University, capable of reprocessing and returning data, through a recommender system, that is a content filtering software. These data will then go on to feed the section of the Italia che cambia website dedicated to stories of change and, consequently, Masako Matsushita’s performance.

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GREEN LEARNING is a project of Sineglossa, carried out with the support of Fondazione Cariverona, with the support of Municipality of Bassano del Grappa, by Italia che cambia and of the UNIVPM Polytechnic University of Marche. Two schools in Bassano del Grappa (Highter Education Institute  G. B. Brocchi and Higher Education Institute A. Scotton) and two schools in Ancona (Highter Education Institute L. Cambi – D. Serrani and Higher Education institute Savoia Benincasa) are partners in the project.